Work History

I’m a Sydney-based Freelance Software Engineer, I specialise in Mobile App dev and User Experience consultancy.

Freelance. 2010 – 2015

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great teams of developers.

At Whitech, I was part of a small team building a suite of mobile apps for ordering photo prints and products. The app gets rebranded and deployed with dozens of retailers around the world and the systems to facilitate rolling out the app are sizeable. I got to write an Android app which runs on in-store tablets and silently updates itself and other apps, which required breaking through Android’s security which was a nice little challenge.

While working with Imagination, we built a suite of ten touchscreen apps for a GE showroom in the future-city Masdar. There were plenty of great challenges, including writing a fluid solver, a 3D vector shadow renderer and a 3D particle system.
With the team at Spinifex I built touchscreen apps for both Acura and Lexus for use at conventions across the US. Building in a device tracking system to monitor and update the touchscreen devices while they were on the road was a first and kept our development pipeline running smoothly.

Working on solar panel planning technology for Sungevity with the fine people of Extro gave us the chance to dig into some interesting tech, including triangulating 3D models of people homes with imagery from Google maps.

Working with a group of freelancers at JWT I built the physics engine into a campaign site for Nokia.

This period has also seen me build plugins for both Illustrator and Flash, for exporting graphics and animations in different formats.

The Farm Digital. 2007 – 2010

At the Farm Digital I was leading a team of three front-end developers under technical director Shannon Deminick. Here I had some great opportunities to develop my skills and work with interesting new technologies. I also got to build some pretty cutting edge sites for clients like The Glue Society, The NRL, Sunbeam, The Wiggles and Bonds, to name a few.

The White Agency. 2005 – 2007

At age 21 I built tons of flash apps for the White Agency, I got the opportunity to do some great work on interesting clients like Jaguar, Coke & BigPond (amongst others).


I’ve always had an insatiable desire to make a difference, and it was this desire that prompted me to learn several programming languages from the age of 17, starting with ActionScript and Java. I built many hobby applications and code libraries during these formative years.

Check out the Portfolio category for more jobs I’ve done


Whilst I’m always completely open to new languages and paradigms, I think it’s worth noting the technologies I have the most experience with.

  • HAXE Game dev
  • Unity Game dev (both JS and C#)
  • C# (inc. MonoDroid & MonoTouch)
  • JavaScript
  • The Google Widget Toolkit (i.e. publishing Java to Javascript)
  • ANT / NANT Tasks & Scripts
  • Java
  • ActionScript
  • MXML & FXG
  • HTML & CSS
  • Very Capable with Regular Expressions
  • XSLT

In my main line of work, this is the software I use constantly and am very fluent in.

  • Git
  • Unity
  • Flash 5 – CC
  • Eclipse
  • Flex
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Edge

I’ve also spent a lot of time playing around in related computer fields, here’s some software I’ve spent a decent amount of time in.

  • Maya 2009 – 2010
  • Cinema 4D
  • Mudbox 2010
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects


  1. Hi Tom
    I just brought your Smart Layer Export today via Adobe and Adobe do not seem to want to help allowing me access to it even though I have the green tick Acquired.

    Have been talking with two support guys at Adobe (2hrs) and getting no where.

    Any chance you can help provide me with the files. Stuffit say the file from Adobe is ERROR

    Can you help?


  2. Hi Thomas, just came across your Multiexporter script for Illustrator. It’s fantastic, thanks a lot!

  3. Hi,
    I’ve found one of your scripts for Illustrator, then I came here. Your work is impressive!
    You will be my next years source of inspiration for sure

  4. Hi Buddy,

    I want to appreciate you on you’re work Flash2Svg its the thing what I was looking for and believe me I haven’t found it anywhere, I’ve used it its working fine to me but little bug I’ve found it hangs over big or complex animations maybe my system but other then that if fine.


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