Wiggle Time

I worked for about 9 months solid on this Virtual World for the Wiggles during my time at the Farm.
I was heavily involved right from the conceptual stage, which I think really helped in creating a really great looking and technically accomplished result.
In the end I lead a team of about 6 developers; 3 concurrently.

Children would move their customised avatar around in the Big Red Car; traversing a richly illustrated, parallax-based world. They could enter the houses of the Wiggles & Co. and had their own house in the world where all of their prizes were stored. To earn these toys, children played mini-games around the world, helping the characters achieve certain goals. It also included a TV to watch Wiggles video content.

We build a lot of interesting tools for this project including a bezier library, a small AI library and a parallax library. It also integrated with existing open-source libraries like the Box2d physics engine, goASAP tweening library and the flint particle engine.


  1. Hello I want play that games now ok

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