Viber Animated SVGs

For over a year now, Viber have been funding the development of my Flash2Svg panel for Flash Professional (also available from Adobe Add-ons site).

The animations they’ve been producing with it have been really incredible, and I’ve been really keen to showcase some of their incredible work.
The resulting animations are so smooth and the vectors are so crisp that it’s really worth being able to see them at desktop size (preferably on a HiDPI/Retina screen).

So thanks to Viber for their continued support and for allowing me to some of their animations publicly.
Hopefully it’ll bring a little more attention and support to the SVG/SMIL specifications they’re built upon.

Click the images to play the animation


  1. #SVG BREAKING NEWS: Google Chrome DevTeam intent to deprecate #SMIL was suspended due to popular demand! We won!!!

  2. You sir are amazing!!!!!

    This is the craziest thing I’ve seen all year. You deserve a trophy!

    My only question is with Chrome now depreciating SMIL, with this update include CSS animations or SMIL?

    • Thanks Robert,
      I’ve seen the deprecation discussion but I haven’t really thought too much about how (or whether) to move forward.

      Maybe restarting the fakesmil project or adding an option to run the result through smil2css after export (although I’m not really sure if that project supports all of the animation features flash2svg uses).

    • With deprecation rumors but more importantly without direct rendering libraries for developers to actually start bashing the format out there we are whispering here.

      I for one am trying to figure out a cross-platform vector based way to play animations on mobile phones without luck apart from SVG+SMIL but again limited to “WebView” playback. The libraries are behind and the usage is behind.

      And it is sad …

    • It may be unpopular to say, but if you’re looking for a cross-platform vector animation system for mobile apps, Adobe Air is still a very good solution.

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