Run Haxe compilation server on Windows Login

Here’s how to have the Haxe compilation server running continuously in Windows.
This speeds up autocompletion in some IDEs, and improves compilation time.

  • Open Windows Task Scheduler
  • Click Create Basic Task
  • Add name “Run Haxe Compilation Server”, or whatever
  • Add name “Run Haxe Compilation Server”, or whatever. Click Next
  • Select “When I log on”. Click Next
  • Select “Start a program”. Click Next
  • Type “haxe” in Program/script input
  • Type “-v –wait 6000” in Add arguments input. Click Next.
  • Select “Open the Properties dialog…” Click Finish
  • Select “Hidden”.
  • Select “Run whether user is logged in or not”. Click Finish

One downside to this is that (at least in FlashDevelop/HaxeDevelop) your old running debugger has to be manually killed between each debug session.

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