Managing Presets in Smart Layer Export

A user of my Smart Layer Export plugin asked me how to manage presets so I thought I’d just post some tips for everyone.

At the top left of the panel you’ll see the presets area.


1. Presets Dropdown

First is the Presets Dropdown, which loads a preset and applies it over your current settings.
A note about presets; they don’t have to include all settings, and if they omit particular settings then your current settings will remain after selecting a preset.
This allows for a preset to only affect one part of the panel (for example, only the destination folder) and leave other settings untouched.

2. Add Preset Button

The Add Preset button allows you to create a new Preset.
It will bring up the following dialog box.
Which allows you to name your preset, as well as select which options should be included in it (see above note about partial presets).

3. Import Preset Button

The Import Preset button brings up a file search dialog box which allows you to add exported presets to your list.

4. Export Preset Button

The Export Preset button allows you to save a preset (or the current settings) to a preset file which can then be distributed and imported on other computers.

Accessing internal Preset files

The controls provided are fairly simple and don’t allow for editing/deleting presets.
If you need to edit/delete a plugin, you currently need to access the folder where they are stored on the hard drive.

On Windows, it is here:

On Mac OSX, it is here:
/Users//Library/Application Support/org.tbyrne.smartLayerExport/presets

Here you can delete presets as well as edit them in a text editer (if you know XML).


  1. Where can i find the script ? seems very useful, i think the blog isnt working properly

  2. Thank you for documenting this. I had the same question and easily found the answer here. I love this script! I tried to write a review on the Adobe site, but for some reason, I am unable to submit.

  3. I tend to find presets a godsend, but for me the issue is that there is always a file that seems to break ‘rules’. It means these days I tend to manually tweak in addition to trying a preset to double check I’m getting the best result..

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