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In the last six months I’ve launched two export tools for Adobe Illustrator.

Smart Layer Export

This tool followed on from a free export panel I released some time ago. It enables a quick way to export artboards and layers into a variety of formats. I’ve added a ton of features and usability to the tool, and it’s been getting a great response.

Check it out here

Smart Symbol Export

After getting a handful of requests for this functionality, I’ve added the ability to export the symbols used in a document with all of the features of the other plugin.

Check it out here


  1. New update automatically downloaded by CC seems to have broken smart symbol export – now when i try to generate pngs from symbols, they continue to stack on top of one another on the artboard until the final exported png is a mess of all symbols on top of one another. This occurs even if i’m only exporting in one format. I’ve tried this on existing documents that used to work properly before the update as well as brand new documents, have restarted illustrator and mac multiple times, etc.

    Not sure if there’s a better way to contact you, but let me know if there will be a fix! This was a lifesaving tool in illustrator and it stinks to no longer be able to use it.

    • I am having the same issue lately. This is really a great tool, but the stacking when you export multiple images means exporting symbols one-by-one. It’s tough with a full icon library for an app.

      Tom, please ping me if you’d like any help reproducing the problem, and thanks for putting so much time and energy into this!

    • This issue will be fixed in v3.9.3 (should be released in the next couple of days).
      Sorry for the regression.

    • Thanks, Tom!

  2. these are wonderful. seriously a lifesaver when working in illustrator. thanks so much!

    i’m curious as to why you did two versions, layers and symbols – just to accommodate different design styles?

    • People requested the symbol exporter after I made the layer exporter.
      There are a few other versions which I’m considering making (i.e. batch and View exporter).

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