Just got the Python remote step-through debugger working on RPi.
You can compile Haxe to Python your laptop, automatically deploy it to the RPi and then start a remote Python debug session on the device with one button.

Check out this article for the python debugger part of things:

Add an hxml file to your project called compile.hxml, in the project root:

-cp src
-python bin/Main.py
-main my.pack.Main

Change the details in there to match your project.

Then add a pre-launch tool to compile the Haxe code:

  • Run > Edit Configurations
  • Select your run configuration on left
  • Add a ‘Before launch’ task > “Run External Tool”
  • Add a new Tool
  • Locate the Haxe compiler in the Program field
  • Add these parameters (inc. -debug to include hx source back-references):
    compile.hxml -debug
  • Set working directory to ‘$ProjectFileDir$’

Note, this Tool configuration can be reused across projects, as long as they have the compile.hxml file.

Sticking points:

  • JetBrains Haxe plugin doesn’t work well with PyCharm (ended up using FD for coding).
  • Would be awesome to get the hx source back-references integrated into the debugger so that you’re debugging Haxe not Python code.