Flash2Svg v3.7

There’s a new version of the Flash2Svg plugin available.

Some new features include color tweens (check the pupils in the example, from v3.7) and custom eases (1 or 2 points only, from v3.6).

Flash Animated SVG


  1. Just stumbled upon Flash2Svg and think it’s great! Thanks for sharing it Tom. It works great for me but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to control the animations.

    I’m trying to create a menu button for a website that animates on hover then goes back to original on hover out. I can get the hover over with javascript but based on the tool settings it only stops on either the first or last frame, not both (Before/After Anim). My idea was to create 2 animations and set CSS display: none; to reverse the animation on hover out.

    Question: Is it possible to stop on the start frame and the final frame?

    • tom

      May 2, 2015 at 8:36 am

      Hi Dustin,
      This is definitely possible, you’ll have to tinker with the output SVG a little though. I’ll send you an email with some instructions.

  2. I’m open to suggestions and searching the net for a fast and lightweight, feature-packed, cross-platform library/API that uses OpenGL to load, render, and manipulate SVG files.

    Well simply loading and rendering to OpenGL should be enough if it can manage what flash2svg exports.

    I’m interested in using Cairo, Juce, Qt, and SDL_svg. Would you tell me more about embedded Chrome?

    • GPU-based vector renderers are a very rare thing, and I think are only ever partially hardware accelerated. The SVG/SMIL spec is very big and complicated and I doubt it could be easily rebuilt on top of one of the other Display systems you mention. I’d lean towards embedding a web view if you definitely want to use animated SVG, and the fastest and most complete one is the Embedded Chrome Framework.

      Alternatively, if you want fully hardware accelerated animations exported from flash, I’d recommend looking at the Flambe game framework, written in Haxe. Or using DragonBones to export your animations (and running them in whatever language you can find support for, there are plenty of libraries).

      Both of these tools create Spritesheet bitmaps of your vector parts with embedded information describing the full animation for each part (including nested animations).

  3. I just discovered this and immediately liked it.

    I want vector graphics in my new 2d Win32 game. I would draw a character in Adobe Illustrator, animate it in Flash, and then export PNG sequences, adding more work if it contains nested animations. Finally I would have a bunch of bitmap images to deal with. Not very pretty.

    With this plugin, things went a bit easier. Thanks for your hard work. How to credit?

    • Spreading the word is credit enough.

      Out of curiosity, how are you running the animated SVGs in your game (embedded Chrome maybe)?

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