Export Illustrator Layers to SVG files

I’m currently working on an Adobe Edge job, it’s almost totally vector based, and it turned out there were few quick options for breaking Illustrator files down into multiple SVG files.

After looking around, I decided to add features to Matthew Ericson’s awesome exporter script. Adding the SVG export format was easy enough, unfortunately I ran into another problem.

The original tool was built for raster outputs, and whilst it did support EPS, each EPS file that was generated actually had all layers included (all invisible except one).
So after some reworking I got it to generate small vector SVG/EPS files, each containing only what was needed.

I also made it easier/cleaner to add new formats and added a few usability tweaks (options which don’t apply to the current output format are disabled).

Installation & Usage

Just drop this javascript file in your Illustrator scripts folder (CS6 is something like: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS6\Presets\en_GB\Scripts).

In Illustrator, use the File > Scripts > MultiExporter option to bring up the dialogue box, it’s all fairly self explanatory.



I made minimal changes to Matt’s functionality, here are his original notes with my modifications.

  • Supported formats are: PNG8, PNG24, PDF, EPS & SVG
  • You can choose whether you want to export all the artboards in the document with the currently visible layers showing, or if you want to export files for each of the layers in a document on the currently active artboard, or if you want to export a combination of all the artboards multiplied by all the layers.
  • Files are named based on their layer name. It only exports layers where their name has been changed from the default “Layer 1″, “Layer 2″ or “Artboard 1″, “Artboard 2″, etc. I removed this feature, but might add it back as a configurable option.
  • If you put a minus sign (-) in front of a layer name or artboard name, it will skip that layer or artboard. (Useful for when you no longer decide you like a particular mockup, but don’t want to delete it from the master Illustrator document.)
  • For layers only: If you put a plus sign (+) in front of a layer name, that layer will always be visible. Useful for if you want to have a layer that always appears in the background of each exported image.
  • It stores its settings in a nonvisible, nonprinting layer named “nyt_exporter_info”

  • It has an option for transparency.
  • It has an option for embedding linked imagery (EPS & SVG only).
  • It has an option for embedding fonts (EPS only).

Check out the Gist

If the panel is unusably small

This is most likely the result of an Illustrator bug affecting Dual monitor setups.
Open the script in a text editor and replace the following line:

this.dlg = new Window('dialog', 'Multi Exporter');

with the line:

this.dlg = new Window('dialog', 'Multi Exporter', undefined, {resizeable:true});

This will make the panel resizable.
(Thanks to Alexey Tcherniak for looking into this)

Edits 11/04/2013 – 8/05/2013

There were some issues with the alignment of objects when multiple artboards existed, which I’ve fixed.
Also, it now avoids outputting imagery when nothing would be included, this makes the “Artboard + Layers” output much more useful (as you’d rarely have one layer which spans across multiple artboards).
I have added the functionality to trim the exported files to their visible size (as opposed to the artboard’s size), this will allow mouse interactions to pass around the visible area to regions behind the SVG.
Fixed an issue where layers containing only invisible items (e.g. Guides) were causing an exception.
Fixed an alignment issue which appeared if the artboard had been resized after creation.
Fixed cropping issue with large layers (and Trim option)

Edit 17/05/2013

Separated the artboard and layer selection, which now allows for more fine-grain set ups.
Now allows for ‘Trimmed Edges’ functionality for all output formats.

Edit 17/07/2013 – 28/08/2013

Now you can export Illustrator layers to FXG files (versions 1.0 & 2.0)
Added an option to ignore warnings.
Fixed ‘Save & Close’ button.
Empty child layer bug fix.

Edit 6/12/2013

Added a mode to avoid visual clipping of round backgrounds.
Thanks to John Ford for the input.

Edit 7/8/2014

I’ve changed the file naming system to be much more flexible, using a token pattern instead of the prefix/suffix fields. Try it out here.


There’s a brand new version of the tool, rewritten from the ground up, it’s way more powerful and allows for multiple image formats to be generated from a single execution.
Also, it avoids the group issue that was the cause of that annoying message box.
I’ll still be offering this version, but if you get a lot of use out of it, buying the power version would be much appreciated.

Check it out at Adobe Exchange.