Grant Skinner, the renowned ActionScript developer, has recently been playing with applications that span both desktop computers and Android based smart-phones. An idea struck me that this dual-platform would be perfect for a environmental controlling system. Imagine, having installed a simple Remote Control app onto your phone, every time you walk into a hotspot certain controls can be sent onto your handset to give you control over certain systems around you.

For example:

  • Restaurant Menu – Pretty self-explanatory, you’re able to order you food from your table without waiting. Also, when your order is ready, your phone could act as a buzzer.
  • Stand-up Comedian Axer – Everyone in the room can vote to Axe the currently performing comedian.
  • Cafe Music Preferences – Enter your account name into the widget and the playlist will lean towards your tastes.
  • Bill-board Games – Use you smart-phone as a controller for a video game on a billboard.
  • Real-time sports betting – Bet in real-time on referee decisions whilst in the Arena stands.
  • Thermostat – Voice your concerns if the you’re too cold or warm.

For obvious reasons it would have to be opt-in. I envision the controls only being allowed a smallĀ pieceĀ of screen real-estate to allow multiple to sit on screen at once.

(Keep in mind, it would never be possible to see these three particular controls pictured at one time, they’re shown together only as an example)