Internet Archive Android App

I’ve just released a new Android App.
It allows you to watch out-of-copyright videos from the Internet Archive Database on your phone or tablet.
It’s currently early days and it doesn’t really have any browse functionality yet, just search fields.

An iOS version will be coming soon also.

Evolvex Furniture Builder

In this flash app I built for Evolvex, users can assemble furniture from different components in a 3D environment. When finished the furniture can be purchased, all of the components, along with a diagram of the furniture gets sent to the user.
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Nokia Bill Exchange

This is a microsite I built for Nokia with the great group at JWT.

I built the physics portion of the site, all of the items and navigation moving around in the background using Box2D. I also built several of the pages.

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The Bad Eggs

I’ve been doing some work down at JWT recently and found myself building this silly physics prototype.
You can add eggs and then smash them against one another or the walls.

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Russell Investment Calculator

Here is an application I built for Russell Investment during my time at the Farm.
It allows customers to work out the best way they can distribute their contributions to maximise their returns.
It presented some interesting challenges like building an efficient Data-Grid, and formatting text as it is typed by users (I got to finally use a diff formula).

Check out the app here.

Bonds Hipsters

While at the Farm, I built this site for Bonds, leading one other developer.
It connects with your Facebook account and plays a montage of your profile pics along with the Hipsters TVC.

Warner Videos

Here is a site I built during my time at the Farm, leading with another developer.
Unfortunately, we (the Farm) didn’t get the opportunity to design it as they wanted it to match a design from the States.
That said, we did use it as an opportunity to finish building visual layout and data-mapping library, which means that based on the XML data coming from the back-end, the entire site can be re-laid out.

Check it out here

Wiggle Time

I worked for about 9 months solid on this Virtual World for the Wiggles during my time at the Farm.
I was heavily involved right from the conceptual stage, which I think really helped in creating a really great looking and technically accomplished result.
In the end I lead a team of about 6 developers; 3 concurrently.

Children would move their customised avatar around in the Big Red Car; traversing a richly illustrated, parallax-based world. They could enter the houses of the Wiggles & Co. and had their own house in the world where all of their prizes were stored. To earn these toys, children played mini-games around the world, helping the characters achieve certain goals. It also included a TV to watch Wiggles video content.

We build a lot of interesting tools for this project including a bezier library, a small AI library and a parallax library. It also integrated with existing open-source libraries like the Box2d physics engine, goASAP tweening library and the flint particle engine.

Open up to Mail

This is a microsite I built for MercerBell/Australia Post in my time at the Farm.

It uses Papervision to move around the room, it took us a long time to get the room looking right, but I think it’s still quite a nice little execution.

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Sunbeam Coffee School

I lead a team of three on this site for Sunbeam during my time at the Farm.
I’m still very happy with the result, especially the navigation which still looks really great.

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Outdoor Media Awards

Here is a site I built for the Glue Society while at the Farm.
It was very simple and clean and I still like it. They must have liked it too because they used it for the next years awards too.

The Glue Society

This is a site I built while at the Farm, I love the design.
It was a rebuild of their prior site (also built by the farm), to make it CMS driven.

Due to the extremely lightweight design, I was really looking forward to the challenge of making this site as tiny as possible. The finished site was drawn completely in code (except for the several cursor images, which were gifs) and was about 60Kb in size, about the same as a large thumbnail image. Needless to say, I didn’t bother putting a preloader on it.

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Mitsubishi Motors

Here is a site I built during my time at the Farm, with several other developers. Continue reading

Centenary of NRL

I built this card flipping application of the NRL when I was at the Farm, despite being pretty tiny it’s a nice little piece.

Click here to check out the Players Browser
Click here to check out the Clubs Browser

Bonds Homepage

This is a site I built for Bonds during my time at the Farm.
It integrated existing pages from their previous site (i.e. the pages accessed from the top navigation), which restricted us to AS2.

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BigPond – Combi

This is a microsite I did for BigPond during my time at the White Agency.
The campaign was based around the Combi-van that featured in many of their commercials at the time.

Check it out here

Pump Banners

Here are some nice little banners I built for Pump while at the White Agency.

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Jaguar – Hunt For Gorgeous

This is a site I did for Jaguar during my time at the White Agency.
The campaign centred around the narrator attempting to track down Gorgeous, keeping the dialogue ambiguous enough to refer both to the mysterious woman we see glimpses of as well as the car itself. It’s a well-worn formula but I think it worked really well.

I was the only developer on it and technically it was pretty simple. I did enjoy creating the code generated flames on the candles, as well as the transitions in and out of the videos, which required dynamically drawing/animating the video into place with a subtle warping effect.

Check it out here

Coke ’06

I was lead developer on a Coke’s main Australian site in 2006.
Technically, it had somewhat lofty ambitions, and whilst I was never entirely happy with the final product, it did look great.

BigPond – Big Splash

This was a Christmas e-card game I built for BigPond while working for The White Agency.
I believe there are some secret key combinations to make him do some weird moves, but only Brahma knows what they are now.

Click here to play it

A little piece of trivia; we shot the pool photos at my mum’s place.

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