MonthMarch 2015

Flash2Svg v3.7

There’s a new version of the Flash2Svg plugin available.

Some new features include color tweens (check the pupils in the example, from v3.7) and custom eases (1 or 2 points only, from v3.6).

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In the last six months I’ve launched two export tools for Adobe Illustrator.

Smart Layer Export

This tool followed on from a free export panel I released some time ago. It enables a quick way to export artboards and layers into a variety of formats. I’ve added a ton of features and usability to the tool, and it’s been getting a great response.

Check it out here

Smart Symbol Export

After getting a handful of requests for this functionality, I’ve added the ability to export the symbols used in a document with all of the features of the other plugin.

Check it out here

ScreenPPI Cordova Plugin

I’ve recently released a very simple plugin for PhoneGap.
It allows access to the screen’s PPI (also called DPI).

Grab it here:

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